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IPO wave is coming, and investors spy a payday

Mon, Apr 16, 2018 – 12:23 PM [SAN FRANCISCO] Jason Pressman spent Thursday morning cheering from the balcony of the New York Stock Exchange as shares of the software firm Zuora, which he backed in 2008, began trading. By the market’s close, Zuora’s stock had soared 43 per cent, making his venture capital firm’s US$ 17 million investment in the ...

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Infor rides the retail wave – sees network effects, the sharing economy and AI as game changers

<img class="alignright size-spotlights-medium-thumbnail wp-image-771057" src="×228.jpg" alt="" width="375" height="228" srcset="×228.jpg 375w,×225.jpg 370w,×230.jpg 380w,… diginomica

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AMD, Nvidia at Risk From Wave of New Custom Chips, Says Susquehanna

Whatever else Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) may do, the Street remains solidly obsessed with its role in “mining” crypto-currencies. It’s at the heart of a downgrade of the stock today by Susquehanna Financial’s Christopher Rolland, who recently returned from a tour of Asia talking with various individuals in the chip industry. Rolland writ… Tech Trader Daily

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Wave Computing close to unveiling its first AI system

The rapid evolution of deep learning has started an AI arms race. Last year, venture capitalists poured more than $ 1.5 billion into semiconductor start-ups and there are now some 45 companies designing chips purpose-built for artificial intelligence tasks including Google with its Tensor Processing Unit (TPU). After quietly testing its “early access” system for nearly a year, one of ...

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Sony, Apple Refining Next Wave of 3-D Sensing, Says Bernstein

In case you missed it, Bernstein’s David Dai on March 9th held a conference call to discuss the technology of “3-D sensing,” which makes possible augmented reality, such as the “Face ID” function in Apple’s (AAPL) iPhone X. Dai sees a big future for the technology, as it moves to other manufacturers’ smartphones, and to aut… Tech Trader Daily

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