(Editor’s note: This article was written for estate planners, but Retirement Weekly subscribers are likely to benefit from Blattmachr and Shenkman’s insight.)

The election of Donald J. Trump as our 45th President was largely unexpected. It is difficult to forecast what that will mean during his term, and, perhaps, his second term. However, he has proposed wide-ranging changes to the nation’s tax system which will affect virtually all Americans and their advisers. Estate planners in particular face a dramatic impact on their practices.

Many predict a period of heightened market volatility which may have an impact on existing planning (budgets, forecasts, market returns, etc.). Market uncertainty could also add to the uncertainty that the Trump tax proposals will create, making planning even more difficult.

In addition to Trump’s personal victory, the Republicans were also victorious. The House of Representatives is controlled approximately 235 to 191 by the Republicans, and

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