It is only January and thousands of people are already looking to join the UTV club. If you are interested in purchasing a bulldog UTV then there are definitely some great options on the market, depending on your demand, taste and price range.

The Bulldog is known for its highly effienct performance and excellent reviews it gets from owners around the country.

Out of all the models and brands on the market, here are the best UTVs by bulldog available. Before Buying be sure to read this guide.

Bulldog BD300

The Bulldog BD300 is created jointly with no other than king of off road vehicles Subaru. The engine is top quality will be sure to run smoothly for many years. There are 5 warranties that come with this Bulldog giving the owner peace of mind.

The Bulldog contains a 265 CC Subaru Engine which is definitely ideal for this type of vehicle to handle proper utilization of the power gears giving the best control and balance in your speed while riding. If you are looking for a a fantastic looking vehicle then this is the one for you, it stands out and looks high quality.

As with all UTVs there is a high level of customization available for the owner depending on how you want it and what you use it for.  This Bulldog model is a a great ride and recommended for both leisure and work.

Bulldog BD700

This UTV Bulldog is slightly bigger than the one above and comes with a 653 CC Subaru Engine with all the necessary high quality specs you would expect from the offroad giants. The BD700 is great for lifting heavy objects and transporting them from one place to another. With a range of nearly 1200lbs this is a fantastic piece of equipment and can be used in almost any situation. People wishing to use this for heavy manual work will have a great machine, this is definitely bigger than BD300. This model has received thousands of great reviews online.

Do you own a Bull Dog, we at would like to hear your experiences with these fantastic machines. See the complete list of ATVs Manufacturers and Models here. 

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